Active and Passive Electronic Components 2023:

Dynamic and Aloof Electronic Parts are two classes of electronic parts. Both these classes of electronic parts are not the same as one another. This article makes sense of about dynamic and inactive electronic parts with models and the distinction between the two.

Active Electronic Components:

Dynamic electronic components are those that have some control over power development. Different types of printed circuit sheets have no less than one moving part. Some examples of dynamic electronic parts are semiconductors, vacuum tubes, silicon controlled rectifiers (SCRs).

Passive Electronic Components:

ALF electronic components are those that are not equipped to control electrical flow through any other electrical signal. Examples of passive electronic parts are capacitors, resistors, inductors, transformers and some diodes. These can either be through the opening of the SMD parts.

The Complete List of Passive Electronic Components:

  1. Resistant (all types)
  2. Capacitors (all types).
  3. Inductors / coils.
  4. Memristor / Network.
  5. Sensor.
  6. Detectors.
  7. Transducers.
  8. Antenna.
  9. Assembly modules.
  10. Piezoelectric devices.
  11. Crystal.
  12. Resonators.
  13. Terminals and connectors.
  14. Cables.
  15. Switches.
  16. Circuit protection devices.
  17. PCB.
  18. Mechanical devices like fan, lamp.

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