Diode Bridge Rectifier 2023:

A large part of the machines we use are AC gadgets. They require AC power for their operation. We don’t have many gadgets that work on DC supplies. Still, DC is gaining its importance with the advancement of gadgets as these gadgets provide an effective strategy for AC to DC conversion. Earlier, we used integrated converters but the conversion interaction is very harmful and wasteful. Nevertheless, currently electronic gadgets like diodes are used to completely convert AC to DC. We want DC supply for DC gadgets like PC, battery charger etc. This is understandable with advances in semiconductor innovation.

Currently, the rectifier is the method in which DC is completely converted to AC. This is the second step towards transformative interaction. This is converted to a rectified voltage on the air conditioner voltage waveform.
Currently, we have a variety of breeding strategies that can be used. Nevertheless, we can figure out the reason why we really want this strategy on the off chance that different techniques are accessible? The answer to this question is that it offers several advantages, for example, no need for an intermediate tap transformer, high utilization factor of the transformer, and then exploits its advantages over various strategies. goes

Principle of Diode Bridge Rectifier

Here we have four diodes connected as shown in the picture. A transformer is used to step down the voltage at the output to a desired level with a load connected causing power dissipation: – Bridge rectifier circuit and waveform (rectified). When the upper end of the secondary of the transformer is positive, diodes D1 and D3 are forward biased and current flows through them. Current enters through D1 and similarly leaves D3 at the other terminal, during the second half cycle, D2 and D4 are forward biased, current enters through D2 and flows through D4 to the source. .

Here, capacitor is used as a filter which filters the ripple frequency and provides DC voltage with low ripple frequency. To get a regulated DC voltage at the output we have to use a voltage regulator after the filtering operation.

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