Dynamics of Electrical Drives 2023:



When an electric motor rotates, it is usually connected to a load that has rotational or transnational motion. Motor speed may vary from load speed. To analyze the relationship between drives and loads, the concept of dynamics of electric drives is introduced.



We can undoubtedly present the elements of electric drive as follows.
J = Polar snapshot of engine load inactivity.
Wm = instantaneous correct speed.
T = Instantaneous Engine Force.
T1 = Instantaneous value of load force transmitted to the engine shaft.
At present, from the condition of necessary force –

For drives with constant inertia,

Thus, the above condition shows that the engine power is adjusted by the load force and a unique force J(dωm/dt). This part of the force is called unique force because it exists only during transient activities.

From this situation, we can decide whether the drive is accelerating or decelerating. For example, the engine provides mainly the load force and part of the assist force during acceleration. Thus, it is extremely useful to adjust the power, inertial components.


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