Safety Precautions for Electrical System (2023):


True safety requires full cooperation from all levels of workers involved in the work. It goes without saying that all people engaged in electrical work should be well aware of all the safety rules and regulations related to their work. The workers should be highly disciplined. Electrical work should not be done while wearing loose clothing.



Before starting the work, the work place should be made clean. The area should also be sufficiently lit before work. All voltage levels should be considered equally dangerous. Even voltage levels that cannot cause an electric shock should not be ignored. We will confirm the circuit is dead before touching it for repair and any other work.


1.We have to shut down, isolate and properly ground the circuit before doing any work with the circuit.
2.We will carry out the work only after issuing proper work permit from concerned operating personnel.
3.A work permit can only be issued after the circuit is completely dead, isolated and earthed.
4.We should display danger boards in the workplace.
We should not allow any unauthorized person to enter the workplace.
5.We should not put any new equipment into service without necessary testing by the Authority.
6.All electrical devices, bays, circuits, should be identified with proper visible labels to avoid any mistakes.

7.We should not work on electrical circuits during severe lightning storms.
8.We should wear shoes with stitched soles, preferably insulated rubber soles.
9.We should not wear swinging, arm bands with metal buckets or other metal parts.

10.We also do not wear metal chains or metal keepers for key rings or watch rings while at work. We should always take extra care when working in an excessively damp area.

11.Tired and fatigued workers should avoid doing it when it is too early to work.
We should not throw tools or work equipment at other people. It is best to hand-carry tools and materials.

12.We should not place any tools on the edge of equipment cabinets or structures where they can fall.

13.We should not do anything that could startle a worker in a dangerous situation.


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