Discuss the (SCADA) History (2024):

Early to the birth of (SCADA) systems,produce floors and industrial plants depend on manual control and observe using push buttons and analogue equipment. As the size of the industries and mass-produce units grew, they started using relays and chronometer that provided authoritative control to a unquestionable extent.

unluckily, relays and timers were able to solve problems only with very little automation practicality, and reconfiguring the system was difficult. So, a more strenuous and fully automated system was needed by all industries.

Computers were grow for industrial control motive in the early 1950s. Slowly, the telemetry concept was introduced for effective communication and the transmission of data.

on all sides the year 1970, the term SCADA was stamp along with the development of microprocessors and PLC idea.This assist in the growth of a fully automated system that can be used remotely in the industry.

As the years turn round and round by, in the early 2000s, distributed SCADA systems were developed.The Modern SCADA systems came into alive that allowed us to control and monitor real-time data everywhere in the world.

The real-time interplay boomed up the business and lay hold of the growth of industries to greater heights. Even if the operative did not have much knowledge of software growth, he was able to be head of modern SCADA systems.

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