Safety Rules for Overhead Lines 2023:

  • No one should climb a tower that has live overhead conductors.
  • Cows or other domestic animals should not be tied to the legs and wires of the tower.
  • No one should be allowed to throw metal strips, metal wires, ropes and pieces of green on the headlines.
  • If any conductor breaks or hangs from the tower, it should not be touched without proper closure and temporary earthing arrangement.
  • In this case no one should be allowed to approach the snapped or hanging conductor until the entire circuit is isolated from the substations at both ends and earthed. Also broken conductors should be temporarily earthed locally with a suitable earthing rod before touching them for repair work.
  • If we see any spark in the live conducting parts of the overhead system, we should immediately inform the concerned authority.
  • We must not place any temporary or permanent bands or embankments below the live overhead line that would cause a reduction in the ground clearance of the overhead line.
  • We should not lift metal poles, bamboos, pipes etc. under live conductors.
  • Cultivation is permitted just below overhead power lines but cultivation of plants such as sugarcane should be avoided if they exceed 5 meters in height.
  • Overloaded bullock carts, tractor tracks or similar vehicles with a height of more than 5 meters above ground level shall not cross any live overhead line.
  • No building, whether temporary or permanent, should be constructed below the overhead line. Not only under overhead lines, but the building must be constructed far from the line following the country’s standard electrical clearance rules.
  • During rain we should not touch any body of head tower.
    We should maintain a safe distance from the overhead line during stormy weather.
  • During a storm, any line conductor or tower can accidentally fall on us.


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