The Moore’s Law And The Exponential Growth Of Technology (2024):

Moore’s Law:

Moore’s Law is an examination that the number of transistors in a computer chip doubles every two years or so. As the number of transistors increases, so does procedure power. The law also states that, as the number of transistors become greater, the cost per transistor.

The (Moore’s law) is named and after Gordon (Moore), Moore noted that since the invention of integrated circuits, the number of transistors has doubled every year. Moore wrote an article in the magazine ‘Electronics’ titled ‘Squeezing More Components onto Integrated Circuits’ explaining his discovery (source). Once realized, this realization became widely accepted in the electronics industry and became known as Moore’s Law.

This short-term ‘component breakdown’ looked set to continue, if not increase. However, the long-term rate of increase was somewhat unsettled but almost constant. Originally, Moore predicted that the number of transistors in ICs would double every year. Gordon Moore’s prediction was revised in 1975 at the International Electron Devices Meeting. It was determined that after 1980 the rate would double every two years.

The Major Enabling Factors:

1947The John Bardeen
Walter Brattain
The Built first
working transistor
1958The Jack KilbyThe Texas InstrumentsThe Patented the concept of integration and generate the first
prototype of
an integrated circuit and commercialized them
The Kurt LehovecThe Sprague Electric CompanyInvented a methodto isolate piece on a semiconductor
The Robert NoyceThe Fair child SemiconductorCreated a way to attach part on an IC by aluminum materialization
The Jean HoernibuildThe Planar technology build the improved variety of insulation
1960The Group of Jay Last’sThe Fairchild SemiconductorThe Made ist operational semiconductor integrated circuit
1963The Frank WanlassThe Invented complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS)Allowed in the extreme dense and is high-performance IC’s
1967The Robert DennardThe IBMThe Created dynamic arbitrarily-access memory (DRAM)The Enabled the possibility of counterfeit single transistor memory cells (led to the invention of flash memory
by Fujio Masuoka from in the ’80s allowing
low-cost high capacity memory in many devices
The Hiroshi ItoC Grant
Wilson J. M. J. Frechet
The Kanti JainThe IMBproduce extending far down UV excimer spotlight.photolithographyEnabled the little components of an IC to shrink smooth smaller (1990 800nanometer – 2016 10 nanometers)
The Late 1990’sThe Innovations of interlink from chemical-mechanical polishing or chemical-mechanical planarization (CMP)The Enables ameliorate wafer yield by additional layers of metal wires, closer spacing and lower electrical resistance (not a direct factor in smaller transistors, but a major development for improved IC’s)

Moore’s Second (Law):

Rock’s law or Moore’s second law, named for Arthur Rock or Gordon Moore, says that the cost of a semiconductor chip manufacture plant lookalike every four years.

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