Write down the units of SCADA system (2024):

The Master Terminal Unit (MTU):

MTU is the main of the SCADA system. It be made up a computer, a PLC, and a network server that lend a hand to the MTU be in communication with the RTUs. MTU begins be in communication, heap up and saves data, helps to Explore ‘ with operators, and be in contact data to other systems.

The Remote Terminal Unit (RTU):

Being at work in the field sites, each and every Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) is connected with sensing element and drive unit. RTU is used to collect detail from these sensors and further put in the mail the data to MTU. RTUs have a storage capacity facility.

So, it keep in the form of (storage) the data and pass on the data when MTU forward the agree with command. a short time ago developed units are employed with experienced systems that utilize PLCs as RTUs. This helps for direct transfer and authority of data without any signal from the MTU.

The Communication Network:

In general way , network is called means connection. When you give details of a communication network, it is explain as a link between an RTU in the field and an MTU in the midway location. The bidirectional is to be wired or wireless communication channel is using for networking purposes. large number of other communication mediums, like fiber optic cables, perverted pair cables, etc., are also used.

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